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Geriatric Falls

For Evaluation and Follow-up for the Treatment and Prevention of Falls

The GeriCare Center involves a multidisciplinary assessment, including screening of vision, medical conditions, polypharmacy, nutritional status, mental alertness, physical function, balance and strength.


After the assessment, a summary will be provided to the patient and family. The Center is advised for any elderly patient who has had a fall or fracture, has balance problems, or is at high risk for falls.


Before the Appointment


The patient should plan to arrive 15 minutes early and wear comfortable shoes. The patient will meet separately with a nurse practitioner and a physical therapist.


The appointment will last about 90 minutes.


The patient should bring the following to the evaluation:

  • All medicine in original containers, including over-the-counter medicines

  • Medical records for care obtained outside the Cleveland Clinic’s hospitals and family health centers (including results of bone mineral density tests)

  • Lab tests from the past two years

  • Details of past falls, prior evaluations, illnesses, surgeries and allergies

  • Current insurance information

Evaluating Patients


A physician or nurse practitioner will talk with the patient about health issues, nutrition and living environment as related to falls, evaluating for the following:

  • Depression

  • Malnutrition

  • Cognition

  • Vision

  • Osteoporosis

  • Medical conditions

  • Neurological issues

  • Multiple medications

  • Safe living environment

If appropriate, an evaluation by a physical therapist will be recommended to develop an exercise program tailored to the patient’s needs. The physicians or nurse practitioner will generate a summary of recommendations for the patient and facilitate testing and referrals to specialists if needed. A follow-up appointment typically is requested in six weeks.

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