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The Gericare Center is committed to providing comprehensive health care plans that are tailored to each patient’s unique needs. We also understand the importance of maintaining a high quality of life, and can provide individualized strategies to help our patients stay happy and active, even when dealing with a chronic diagnosis.

-Wellness visits and physical

-Managing chronic illnesses and coordinating complex care with specialists

- Basic women’s healthcare including pap smears and breast exams

- Wound care and suture removal

- Skin biopsies

- Ear lavage

- Nutrition and weight loss care

- Diabetes care and management

- Blood pressure management

- Cholesterol management

- Medication review and reduction

- Geriatric and end of life care

-Blood draw

- Spirometry


- Same day appointments

Primary Care Providers

- We advocate for our adult patients today and provide care for a healthier tomorrow.
- Our Care Providers are dedicated to ensuring the best quality of life for you and your loved ones with a multitude of services offered in our offices.

- Johns Hopkins trained Physician.
- 5 Star rated by Health Plans.
- Most insurances accepted.
- Same day appointments available.
- Different locations available.
- In office visits, Telehealth appointments are available.
- Trusted and Compassionate Geriatric Care Providers.
- Care coordination from outpatient, hospital , nursing home, rehab, and home settings.
- Gericare Center is committed to providing comprehensive health care plans that are tailored to each patient's unique needs.

Geriatric Evaluation

A geriatric evaluation is a consultative resource for patients, their family members and caregivers. The evaluation provides a comprehensive assessment of an older adult’s health issues in the context of psychosocial and family needs, and it provides a comprehensive plan for managing the person’s conditions and care. A geriatric evaluation also provides education and patient-specific information about health problems as well as information about and access to community and private supports for patients and caregivers.


Geriatric Falls

The GeriCare Center involves a multidisciplinary assessment, including screening of vision, medical conditions, polypharmacy, nutritional status, mental alertness, physical function, balance and strength.

After the assessment, a summary will be provided to the patient and family. The Center is advised for any elderly patient who has had a fall or fracture, has balance problems, or is at high risk for falls.

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